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Maternity Leave 411 will demystify the maternity leave planning process 

Leave in California is not a "one-size-fits-all" situation. The length of leave, the duration of paid leave versus unpaid leave, as well as the specific protected-leave law(s) you may be entitled to are entirely dependent on your employment situation and employer size. For instance, two employees at the same company could have totally different leave scenarios. 

Whether your goal is to be out on leave for as long as possible, even if a portion of the leave is unpaid; or you just want to maximize the p​aid portion of your leave, I can help you figure out the best leave plan for your individual needs. 

No need to spend hours combing through various sources to secure accurate information and get the most of out of your leave! 

My consultation service provides complete hand-holding of your leave planning

My individualized consultation service includes:

  • A thorough review of your federal and state leave entitlements, along with a review of your employer’s leave policy (if any) to ensure you’re getting the maximum amount of maternity/paternity leave.

  • A thorough review of your state wage replacement options (SDI and/or PFL), your employer’s paid leave policy (if any), as well as other wages including accrued sick, PTO and vacation time to maximize the duration of paid time during your maternity/paternity leave.

  • Fully customized maternity/paternity leave timeline.

  • A 60-minute phone consultation that will leave you with a clear understanding of the time off and income that you can receive during your leave, so you're fully equipped to speak with your HR/employer about your maternity/paternity leave plans. 

  • On-going support throughout your maternity/paternity leave process, including filing for state wage replacement benefits (SDI/PFL), completing HR forms, and steering conversations with HR.  

My consultation service provides complete hand-holding of your leave planning process. I'll be there to provide guidance and counsel from your first conversation with HR all the way until you go back to work from leave!


If you're a California employee and want help navigating and maximizing your maternity leave (or paternity leave) benefits, contact Maternity Leave 411 to schedule your consultation! 

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