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California Maternity Leave

Understanding maternity and paternity leave rights is no easy task. While California provides strong protections for expectant employees, navigating leave in California becomes especially challenging due to the complex interaction between the various state and federal laws. Also, California is one of few states that provide wage replacement through State Disability Insurance (SDI) and Paid Family Leave (PFL) to eligible employees, adding another layer of leave benefits to decipher.   


Further, working with HR representatives who are not familiar with leave laws in general, or dealing with out-of-state employers who are not well-versed in California state leave laws can make the process of planning your leave even more difficult.

You are entitled to take advantage of the leave you are eligible for! Don't let precious time with your baby get left on the table! 

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My Mission

When I went out on maternity leave with my first child, finding concrete, easy-to-understand information online was nearly impossible. To make matters worse, I was surprised to realize how little my HR department knew about California maternity leave. Since then, I've made it my mission to advocate for employees who are trying to navigate their leave rights and milk their benefits! 

Since 2015, I've helped hundreds of expectant parents understand how much leave they are eligible to take and for how long they will be paid while out on leave - even when their HR representatives were saying otherwise.

My mission is to empower employees with knowledge of their leave rights, as well as paid leave options, so they can have productive, efficient, and accurate conversations regarding their leave with their employers. 

Every minute of your leave - before and after baby's birth - is precious. Maternity Leave 411 can help you maximize your leave and let you return to work only when absolutely necessary.  


BA, Psychology, Boston University

Certified Leave Management Specialist

California Law HR Specialty Credential

Certificate of Achievement: Leave of Absence, California

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