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Maximize your maternity and paternity leave in California

Understanding the ins-and-outs of maternity and paternity leave in California can be a confusing, frustrating, and intimidating process. Every new parents wants to spend as much time as possible at home with their baby. However, trying to maximizing the length of maternity/paternity leave in California can be especially complicated since the duration of leave can be different for each person.  

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One-on-One maternity/paternity leave planning

Maternity Leave 411 empowers pregnant moms and expectant fathers/partners with knowledge of their leave rights in order to have productive and accurate conversations regarding their leave with their employers.


Don’t let an employer, who is not familiar with maternity/paternity leave laws, shorten your time with your baby!

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Expert support from a Certified Leave Management Specialist

Hi, I'm Akiko Thayer!


I'm the founder of Maternity Leave 411, as well as a certified leave management specialist. 

Helping pregnant moms and expectant dads maximize their maternity/paternity leave is my passion.

Each day spent with your newborn baby is precious. No new parent should have to go back to work earlier than what they are entitled to! 

My husband has a JD. I have a MS. We couldn’t figure out our maternity-related leave/pay rights. Additionally, I work in San Francisco - which has additional benefits -which made things even more complicated. My company’s HR team was clueless (generously) or evasive (harshly) and didn’t seem to realize it was their responsibility to provide information proactively.


We’d have been lost without Akiko. With her guidance we were able to confidently advocate for our rights.


- C. Lee


Akiko - I cannot thank you enough!


I am shaking my head wondering what people do in my similar situation (small company without HR) that don't know you exist!!


I would not have known going into my conversation tomorrow the full length of time I am eligible to take off, nor would I have known about the length of time health benefits can be covered by my employer.

- E. Smith

I felt frustrated with the lack of guidance from my HR department and was lucky to find Akiko and Maternity Leave 411.


She crafted a personal plan for me and her documents guided me through all the steps, big and small, to maximize my leave and help me keep supporting my family financially.


It helped my confidence to know my rights and to navigate the system with Akiko by my side.

- S. Dolan 

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